Say Goodbye To Snoring And Say Hello To Refreshing Sleep With RivexCore Mouthguard!

Say Goodbye To Snoring And Say Hello To Refreshing Sleep With RivexCore Mouthguard!

RivexCore Prevents Snoring And Lets You (And Your Partner) Sleep Peacefully Through The Night.

Comfortable and User-Friendly
Dentist-Approved, Gentle Jaw Repositioning to Eliminate Snoring
BPA-Free and Easy to Use

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Based On Similar Customer Reviews
Secure Payments
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Easy Returns
RivexCore offers a 30-day “Peace of Mind” return policy with a full refund if you're not satisfied.
Fast Shipping
Most orders are delivered within two weeks, ensuring you get your RivexCore promptly.

Why RivexCore Is The Best
In The Market?

Transform The Way You Sleep With RivexCore

RivexCore is a revolutionary approach to snoring relief. By wearing the mouthpiece during sleep, you can reduce the snoring or eliminate it in a matter of days. This mouthpiece is made of soft, medical-grade polymer material that molds to your teeth, and it has a low profile to minimize any potential discomfort.

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Based On Similar Customer Reviews

The RivexCore Advantage

Eager for a Refreshing Morning Every Morning?


    Fashioned for supreme comfort and easy usage.


    Suitable for adults with sound teeth and gums.


    Constructed using medical grade, allergen-free components.


    Each device promises up to 6 months of usage.

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Based On Similar Customer Reviews
How Does RivexCore Work?

Nasal patches, tongue stabilizers, or specific pillows haven't worked for you? Don't lose hope. Many alternatives miss addressing the core issue: obstructive tissue in your throat.

With RivexCore, sleep like a baby, feel energized and ready to tackle your day and enjoy improved immunity, better physical performance and more positive relationships. By the way, sleeping better also reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke!

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Based On Similar Customer Reviews

1-Month Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee


Endorsed by Doctors, Crafted by Dentists for Prime Efficiency

RivexCore is safe and effective like no other: Backed by extensive research, tests, and over 1.5 million happy users, this is the only mouthpiece that offers organic jaw motion, erasing the discomfort of clenched teeth throughout the night.

And yes, whether you prefer sleeping mouth-open or closed, RivexCore respects your choice. Get a professional-grade solution, but without the exorbitant price tag.

Unlock the Simple Secret to Restorative Sleep

Zero prep time, bypass expert consultations, and sidestep the unpredictable boiling and molding. It's foolproof; brace yourself for tranquil nights upon arrival!


Our unique Living Hinge Design offers you the liberty to speak and breathe without any barriers, unlike other solutions which might immobilize your jaw.


RivexCore's sleek storage case is your perfect travel companion, ensuring sound sleep regardless of your location.

Here’s What 1.5 Million Sleep Lovers Say About RivexCore
Helen Carter
"I've been snoring pretty much since birth. As I got older, my snoring only got louder. It didn't really bother me too much, but it meant many sleepless nights for my bed partners. I've experimented with various remedies like CPAP machines, nasal devices, head straps, sprays, yoga, meditation, Sleep Nora, and even some unusual pillows—basically, you name it, I've tried it, all to no avail. That is until I stumbled upon RivexCore. I admit, I was skeptical at first. However, to my amazement, they worked wonders. I mean, there was absolutely no snoring on the nights I wore them. It's truly been a miracle, at least in my experience.
Jenny V.
"It wasn't until my boyfriend mentioned my snoring and expressed concern about my breathing and oxygen intake that I started taking my snoring problem seriously. I realized that pushing my jaw forward seemed to help me breathe better, but I couldn't maintain that position while asleep. Then, I remembered someone I knew had used this product and decided to give it a shot. Wow! The very first night was a complete transformation. I didn't wake myself up, and I felt refreshed in the morning. Nowadays, I naturally wake up feeling energized. I'm really pleased I made the decision to purchase RivexCore."
Amy Lind
I've been incredibly unhappy dealing with obstructive sleep apnea, and my fear of passing away in my sleep has been a constant concern. On average, I was only getting about 4 hours of sleep per night. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I gained 25 pounds, which only made my sleep apnea worse. It led to chronic Bruix headaches, broken capillaries in my cheeks, worsening asthma, neck pain, extreme fatigue, memory problems, intensified depression, and overall difficulty in functioning. Then, I decided to try RivexCore. To my amazement, there was no snoring, no headache, and I slept for a full 7 hours. I am committed to finally embracing life and leaving behind the struggles caused by sleep apnea. Thank you so much for this life-changing solution.
Conrad Gould
I've consistently been someone who breathes through my mouth, and over time, I started snoring more frequently. In the past few years, my snoring has reached a point where it seriously disrupted my wife's sleep. She finally insisted that I seek medical guidance, but I initially hesitated. However, I came across RivexCore, recommended by many, although I remained skeptical. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.
RivexCore has helped me retrain myself to breathe through my nose, making it significantly easier to do so.
What Our Customers Think About RivexCore

Average rating


George Anderson

Highly recommended product, if you are saving money this is the answer we travel across 2 states and we save upto 50% gas consumption isn't amazing?

Corky Hardwood

My mileage went from 40mpg to 46mpg...very delighted with the results! Easy to install and works great. get yours now and for sure you will not regret it!

Juan McHerry

I was looking for ways to reduce my fuel consumption and I found out about RivexCore. One of my friend of friends recommended it. Bought it and test and i was amaze with the results! now more beer from the money i've saved.

smiling couple
Take Back Control Over Your Sleep - And Your Life
Enjoy deeper and more regenerative sleep
Comfortable, easy to use and easy to clean
Save money on expensive sleep supplements etc.

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